Copper pipes and fittings

We supply in plain tube and plain coils, as well as in plastic coated and chrome plated versions. Straight length copper tube is available in 3&6m lengths. Diameters range from 6mm for small domestic installations to 219mm,for large commercial projects. We also have stocks of our largest diameter tubes available for immediate despatch. As an alternative to traditional 1.2mm thick EN1057, and providing you with considerable cost savings without

compromising operating performance, we can also supply a hard drawn, lightweight tube, available in 35, 42 and 54mm. All straight 15mm – 54mm Copper Tubes are stamped with:

• Tube size

• Kitemark

• EN1057

• Temper

• Manufacturer

• Date (quarter) 67mm tubes and above are stamped at either end of the tube.


Plain straight Lentgths:


Fittings & Accessories

Fittings are all seamless, one piece fittings, which makes them stronger and easier to use. All fittings are available from 8mm to 219mm for use with our entire range of copper plumbing and heating tubes. Regularly needed for large projects such as schools, hospitals and commercial properties, we can supply large size commercial fittings,up to 219mm, from stock for quick delivery.

Munsen rings, used as copper tube supports on ceilings and walls, are available from 12mm to 159mm in single and double M8/M10 threads. Munsen rings, hospital saddle brackets and male and female back plates can all be supplied in brass and chrome finishes. Plumbing solder is available in 500g reels in both lead and lead-free versions. Manufactured to EN-ISO 9453, we are confident of its ability to provide perfect joints on Lawton’s

copper tubes and end feed fittings. Soldering flux is a paste suitable for use with copper plumbing fittings and tubes and are available in handy 113g (4oz) and 453g (16oz) jars including a complimentary brush.